Get Involved

We often have openings for volunteer adults. These can be uniformed positions, working with our young people on a regular basis, or in non-uniformed support roles which are equally as important, but do not often require the level of regular commitment needed for the hands-on Leader positions. Volunteering as an adult in Scouting can be a very rewarding experience where we provide any training needed, you provide as much time as you want and … well, the fun just happens along the way!

Volunteering for Scouting gives you the chance to try different activities, visit new places and learn new skills – you can decide how much or how little time you wish to give, it could be once a week or once a year. If you choose to volunteer, you can work directly with young people or in a support role, and prior experience is not necessary.

If you are interested in joining Scouting or wish to find out further information, both nationally or locally, then visit the national website at, and reach out to us at to arrange a chat to learn more.