1st Send (St. Mary's) Scout Group

- Woking District in Surrey UK -

So ... you want to find our Headquarters?

Our address is 'Land behind No.46 Send Road, Send, Woking, Surrey GU23 7EU' but please do not send any mail to this address as we have no letterbox.

Our actual location is 'off Sanger Drive' in Send. In the map below (which should be 'zoomable' if you wish) you can see Sanger Drive in the centre of the image. When you enter Sanger Drive you should see a track leading off to the left (roughly where the 'N' of the word 'Sanger' is shown on the map) - this is just before a small sort of roundabout feature - the track is the start of our entrance drive leading to our Headquarters building down near the river (just opposite the 'NT' text).

Correspondance should be sent to :-

1st Send (St. Mary's) Scout Group,

c/o 42 Maple Road, Ripley,

Woking, Surrey GU23 6JZ

          Telephone 01483 223826

Or e-mail us on:       sendscouts@hotmail.co.uk


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